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The game of 13 cards Rummy has a fascinating and totally colorful background. The game is an interesting product of numerous forms of the game played all over the world. The Rummy card game is a wonderful game demanding various capabilities. Players of this game can avail the opportunity to play online and the best part is you can play with players from all over India. Some of the popular versions of this game include:playrummy Play Rummy

Strikes Rummy: Strikes Rummy is a rather fascinating variation of the traditional Rummy Games as it requires participants to play the game with scores that have a pre-decided financial value. The winner is given a sum total of all the non winning contestants’ points multiplied by the points value after reducing the rake amount as per the rules of the game.

Tournaments: Tournaments are organized to kindle the mental prowess of the game player to emerge victor on a continuous basis. Tournaments demand the participant to participate and gain victory at three stages to win the prize money. To go towards to the next stage, a player has to emerge victor in the ongoing phase, making this a game of mental capability and prolonged endurance at devising numerous strategies.

Traditional Rummy: The game of Indian Rummy Online is conventionally played with decks of 53 cards that have 13 cards of each of the four types(hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades) along with one printed joker. The game follows a easy draw and drop pattern , requiring contestants to competently arrange sequences and sets as per principles of the game.

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